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Is having just one minigame a good idea?

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created 07/31/2016 12:00 am by McF4rtson
last reply 07/31/2016 1:35 pm
My server's nearing completion. Rather, "completion" as in enough material for an initial release. The story here is that it's an old server, originating as a Forge server, then into a minigames server. Finally, I cut off all minigames and re-made the server. I only kept KitPVP, as that was the most popular.

So, the question is, would one minigame alone be a good idea? I mean, I'm putting a lot of work into KitPVP, and I dare say it's fairly unique in it's content. And, of course, I aim to have upwards of 12 maps and the number of classes will never have a set limit, sort of like MOBAs, or Overwatch. I currently have 27 or so classes. So, yeah. :/
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07/31/2016 1:35 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Toast
I haven't been on another kitpvp server in quite a some time now. Half a year, maybe. From someone else's point of view, what do other kitpvp server currently offer?
07/31/2016 10:15 am
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If your one minigame is KitPVP, you may want to consider adding singleplayer content on the side. Kitpvp + one player = nothing to do on the server at all. So you go from one person keeping the server alive, having fun, and telling new players "hey" to a person that leaves shortly after the rest of the people on the day's high spike because there is nobody to play with and thus nothing to do. Mobarena... a maze... parkour... those things could help. But one minigame being the focus is fine if you've spent enough work on it and place emphasis on the work you did with it to stand out as you're facing many, many kitpvp offering servers - and their ads look like yours in the listings :p Still, kudos for (apparently) putting quite a bit of effort into it.

As I haven't seen the server this is a very general message, but do try to start off simple and keep the variety an open door on the side - nothing like people not playing because they're trying to figure out the classes and special goodies you put in :p




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