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Help connecting a minecraft server to a certain domain please

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created 06/21/2018 6:05 am by Weikr
last reply 06/23/2018 12:32 am
Hello everyone!


I'm pretty new to the forums of Planet Minecraft (you would know if you skimmed through my profile as forum peeps do) and Minecraft alike. I planned out quite a bit and I came to the decision of making a multiplayer server on this awesome game. I purchased a domain and is hosting through Cloudflare as a website (hopefully, is live). I am having problem with relating it with Minecraft. I have the computing power to run a server with up to 600 players though I do not know how to do the minecrafting part of it. This means I wish to connect a Minecraft server (I don't know how to make one and I've tried but failed) to my purchased domain so the community joins the Minecraft server using the domain.

Adding to that, your solution (if there is one... please have a solution) should be able to:
  • (Not really necessary) Educate me how to host a website where the community can talk (I've handled the website's programming just need to make it live)
  • (Absolutely necessary) Inform me of how to host a minecraft server with the domain I own.
Thanks in advance.
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06/23/2018 12:18 am
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No offense intended to the people below, but these are very bad explanations. I have an extremely simple way of doing this, which I use for my own SMP server.

First, you will need a dedicated IP. This means that your IP ends with the port 25565. Example:

25565 is the default port, so that means that you are able to just type in and it will work perfectly without the port listed after it.

Next, go to and pick a domain. My personal favorite is ""

In the "Subdomain" category, type in your preferred Subdomain. For example, I could type in "example." this means that the IP for the server will turn out to be ""

In the "Destination" category, type in your server IP without the port. In this case, it would be This will not work if you do not have a port of 25565.

Complete the image puzzle by typing in the word you see, and click "Save!"

If everything was done according the the instructions, you should now be able to log in with your new IP!
06/23/2018 12:32 am
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Also, this is completely free if you already have a dedicated IP. Buying a domain name is pretty much a ripoff service.
06/22/2018 3:47 pm
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The first question raises a few questions. :P But for most, which operating system are you using?

The second question, typically you make an SRV record. something like this, and use it's port there to give it a priority.
Then you make an A record pointing to your servers IP


Then you should end up with something like ""
I can go into more detail, but, each provider is slightly different.
06/21/2018 2:41 pm
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Go into your domain's management panel and look for CName records under your DNS records. Set the subdomain as whatever you want players to connect with (eg. 'play' for ''). Wait anywhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours (depending on your service, I've never used CloudFlare before) and it should work.
06/21/2018 2:36 pm
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just direct (hostname.x) to (123.456.789.000) wait like 10 min or so and it should be good




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