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How to set up rank-specific area?

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created 01/01/2016 5:11 am by Dirkerdoodle
last reply 02/05/2016 10:05 am
I'm working on making a server, and one of the biggest concerns I have is people getting World Edit when they shouldn't be trusted with it. I, of course, only want donors to have access to WE, but not every donor is a trustworthy person who won't destroy the server for fun, or ruin peoples' houses.

So what I want to do is set up a sort of quiz area, where there's signs with questions (or even tasks like "destroy the bad blocks" or something), and correct answers will open one door, while wrong answers open another. The wrong answer will disqualify them from taking the rest of the test, but continuous correct answers will lead to a pressure plate that will grant the individual permissions to use World Edit.

However, I've seen that in other servers, people can use /tpa or similar commands to sneak into these types of areas, or get themselves out of trouble. More than any other concern, I want it so that donors can't teleport other players into the quiz area to give them WE.
How can I make it so that either only donors can access the area, or only donors can interact with the doors/pressure plates/etc.?
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02/05/2016 10:05 am
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Why not give a rank permissions in one specific world only?
01/01/2016 5:44 am
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Depends if your ranks are with plugins or in vanilla. I have ranks on my vanilla server and I've set up rank special areas by simply creating a command block with /testfor @p [(scoreboard name or "team")=(team name or rank)

or to just set a min rank if you have a number scoreboard by doing _min"min rank"=

instead of just =. Then you can link it with a tp command block.

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