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How to make a server domain not traceable?

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created 08/17/2018 2:00 pm by ComputerCraft32
last reply 08/21/2018 3:33 am
Hello guys, I wanted to host a modded server from home. To join, you needed to use my IP address. I directed a domain to to it so people could join with that instead of my IP address. Just as I was on the verge of releasing the server, I was horrified that the domain was traceable to my IP address and many more details! I saw that they are many tools online to turn a domain into an IP address. Is there anywaysI can make it so the domain is not traceable? I know a lot of people will recommend a server host, but there is no way I can afford one. Anyways, thanks for reading and please leave a reply if you think you can help! :D
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08/21/2018 3:33 am
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You won't be able to obscure your IP address. That's simply the way the Internet works: domain names are nothing more but an easier way to remember IP addresses.

VPN's also won't work, unless you set up one of your own. The whole idea behind a VPN is that clients can use it for outgoing data in order to obscure their IP address (instead of your own IP address anything you visit will only see the VPN's IP address). But it won't work for incoming traffic, that's simply not how it's designed. It's doable, but most providers won't support this. Another reason why you wouldn't want this anyway is because you'd generate a lot of extra "hops" which can definitely result in more lag.

The best you can do is register a domain and then get some kind of privacy registration. That would obscure some specific details, but not your IP address. That's not possible like that.
08/19/2018 5:19 am
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What about a VPN?
08/20/2018 1:36 pm
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If I get a VPN, then my IP will keep changing, but my question is then what IP do I assign my domain too?
08/19/2018 3:00 am
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Port forwarding your IPv4 of the host machine will help, also it should be a setting in the server configuration file if im not mistaken could be wrong actually
08/17/2018 8:17 pm
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You can use Cloudflare then route all your traffic through them.

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