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i'm having a small problem.....

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created 07/08/2018 4:34 am by BDT1234
last reply 07/12/2018 2:26 pm
hello everyone

I was having an idea with item frames. for example

  1. if there's an item (like fire charge) in the frame, when you click on it, it changes to another item (changes to redstome lamp)

  2. there are three item frames and if you put all the three items in the frame (like fern and we can't put any other item in those frames), it'll activate some redstone
I kniw those are possible with command blocks but I don't know what commands to use. can anyone help me with that?

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07/09/2018 2:48 pm
Level 15 Journeyman Engineer
if there's an item (like fire charge) in the frame, when you click on it, it changes to another item (changes to Redstone lamp)

So I got this done for you it uses redstone and commands,

so how it works is first a comparator detect the item in the Item frame from the other side of the wall
https://i.imgur.com/WejmmA6.png then it uses the comparator to detect if the Item rotates, if it rotates the observer will detect if the redstone updates. and when it does, it sets off the T-top Flip-flop
connected to 2 Commands blocks

Then Put these Commands in the 2 command block (this will change any Item frame with in 10 blocks)

command 1:

entitydata @e[type=Item_frame,r=10] {Item:{id:redstone_lamp,Count:1},ItemRotation:0}

Command 2:

entitydata @e[type=Item_frame,r=10] {Item:{id:Fire_charge,Count:1},ItemRotation:4}

it doesn't matter which command goes in which command block


I hope you liked it, if you did check out more of my commands and redstone project
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07/10/2018 12:35 pm
Level 1 New Miner
wow that's impressive! i'll give that a try

but that's with two items in the item frame. But what if there were four item frames next to each other and by every click it changes to any of the four items in order (like for example: water bottle, fire charge, ender pearl and creeper head)? and when it's in the correct order (first frame: fire charge, second frame: creeper head, third frame: water bottle and fourth frame: ender pearl) it triggers a redstone output

is that possible or no?
07/10/2018 12:45 pm
Level 15 Journeyman Engineer
Kinda, i've been tryng to get it, this is the command I thought it would be

/testfor @e[type=Item_Frame] {r:-1264,y:6,z:-195,Facing:0b,ItemRotation:0,Item:{id:diamond,Count:1}}

BUT IT didn't work sry play around with that command see if you can get it going




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