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I need a premade group manager YML

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created 01/17/2019 11:40 pm by mation
last reply 01/21/2019 9:28 am
Hi there I just started my first minecraft server for my discord of like 10-20 people.

Whenever someone logs in, they can't do anything, not even hit a block or make anything.

For now it seems I'm having to make everyone an Owner role which obviously isn't ideal

Could somebody make a YML permissions thing for me? I've tried myself but for some reason it is not working and I have no idea why. Whenever I set them to the role they still can't do anything.

The only plugins I have are essentialsx and dynmaps. I want there to be a default role where you can do everything you typically can in mine craft survival AND you have access to the teleport/warp commands from essentials. And my server is in Spigot 1.13

Then I want a moderator role which additionally has access to making creative mode and banning someone.

There isn't any additional plugins i care for or want perms for.

If anyone can do this for me quickly, I would be very grateful.
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01/21/2019 9:28 am
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Hi! I know this is a webpage but a pre made config might contains a backdoor so be careful!

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