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Java/PC issue

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created 12/16/2017 1:31 pm by Nombul
last reply 12/16/2017 3:22 pm
Hello! I was wondering if anyone with knowledge about java (because I honestly don't know what else it can be, maybe my computer) could help me with an issue I'm having. While I'm playing, my screen suddenly turns either black or grey (I can still hear the sounds in-game) and when I open the task manager it says java is not responding. I tried the following things and nothing is fixed:

-Installed both java 64 and 32 (latest versions)
- Updated the drivers
- Rolled back drivers
- Lowering the settings
- Allocated more ram to the game
- Restarted computer several times
- Re-Installed the game
- Play on different versions
- Play without forge and mods
-Used different launchers (including the old version)

After the black screen shows up, I close the java task in the task manager and the game crashes. Any idea of why this is happening?
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12/16/2017 3:22 pm
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Well, I would suggest posting your logs first of all. Having both bits of Java is redundant, you should see which the launcher uses (preferably 64bit) and delete the other one. Are you in fullscreen mode or in windowed mode?




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