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LAN game using external IP & port forwarding -> Connection Timed out.

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created 02/14/2018 2:21 pm by frenchmassacre
last reply 02/14/2018 5:32 pm
Hi everyone,

Hope you're having a good Valentine's day :D

I started playing Minecraft with my GF a while ago and we created a survival game on my laptop that we played on together over LAN on week-ends. We wanted to play together when apart (both of us at our own homes) on that same world so i got a hold of my external IP, set a port forwarding rule (opened the world to LAN and set a rule for that port, I update it each time i "open to LAN") on my router and sent her the IP:port so that she could join using a direct connect.

**Full disclosure: didn't use my external IP at first but used my DynDNS address since it saved me 5 seconds and i figured it wouldn't change a thing, tried using IP directly afterwards with no difference in results**

Worked like a charm, lagged once or twice but otherwise it worked perfectly for about 3-4 hours. Then all of a sudden it just logged her out. We assumed it was a simple bug and tried reconnecting, to no avail. Each time she appears in the world, on her end it says "loading terrain" on my end she's just standing there.. Then after ~30 seconds her end goes "connection timed out" and on my end she just vanishes and the game says "has left".

Checked the logs it just says: "lost connection: Timed out"

It worked a few hours before so I'm quite confused... both of us have stable decent internet connections (10-20mbps) with low ping (<30ms).

**Full disclosure: hers tends to be less stable than mine so she tried it at university the next day where she gets ~150mbps & <10ms with no difference**

We are both running Minecraft 1.12.2 un-modded on Mac High Sierra (10.13.3) on Mid-2015 MacBook Pro's. (not the best machines for gaming, I'm well aware, but it has no issues running Minecraft at ~50fps average.)

Any ideas on what could be going on?

I'd appreciate any help!

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02/14/2018 2:25 pm
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Only The Best
I would reccomend using an external host; you could try to use a website like or something like that!
02/14/2018 5:13 pm
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My guess is that this was caused by a DHCP update. Most people don't have a static ("non changing") IP address but a dynamic one. So basically your router simply asks your Internet provider ("ISP") "Gimme an IP!" and that will happen: you get an IP address assigned to you automatically.

But that won't stay forever, after a while it will be requested again. Which can cause a few issues, depending on the way this was implemented.

I agree with Best though: it might be a better idea to either set up a dedicated server at your home, or for you both to use an external host. I've had decent experiences with, which is even fully free to use.
02/14/2018 5:32 pm
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Thanks for the reply! :) Since i'm on "always-on" ADSL, my IP only gets changed when I reboot my router or when the connection expires (which is every 30 days here). Moreover since I used a DynDNS originally, it would have automatically updated the IP to the new IP the first time she tried to reconnect. (And the IP hasn't changed (I checked my DynDNS records). Using a dedicated server at home would not solve the issue if it had been an IP issue...

I'll give a try, but i wanted to keep it on my laptop... :/




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