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Looking for Staff: In Development: Unique and Exceptional Sp

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created 10/26/2011 9:22 pm by NewLibertyMC
last reply 02/10/2012 10:35 am
Hello, I'm Brvtvs. I have been running successful Minecraft servers for 6 months, and this isn't the part where I tell you I have so much experience because I have been an admin on 50 servers, just proving that I am unreliable and change servers all the time. No, in actuality I have been owning and running my own server single-handedly and have a large amount of experience with bukkit and most plugins. I also have a co-admin who has made our website that we are currently running another server out of, which he will be primarily running, with 20-40 players on at peak time every night.

However, I love to develop new and interesting servers and a standard, mass-appeal factions PvP server just isn't enough to occupy my development time.

Here is what I am developing:

A 2-faction, spout required (for all the cool features) multiworld server with smp and pvp, 100% customized class system for completely original gameplay. There will be economy, exp, custom classes (with niche jobs that actually require cooperation for maximum effectiveness), forced texture packs and skins to set the tone for each side and make faction vs faction PvP easy. We will have custom items, physically dropped money, custom blocks, and one of a kind items to reward the most skilled players.

The whole server will take place in 3 skylands worlds, (the PvP world being changed around often to keep things interesting) with a special fly plugin for a unique gameplay and PvP experience. Combat will be slower and more strategic than normal minecraft (no 2 hit kills that can be so easily affected by lag or luck).

The community will be picked selectively and the server will not be filled with 11 year old kids spamming. As spout's capacity increases and minecraft updates, I will be constantly adding new features with updates at least weekly and constant balancing as needed to prevent exploits and promote fair pvp.

To be clear
, this server will be based on a "Freemium" business plan, meaning that to pay for the server resources of such an intense and unique setup, players will pay a $5ish/month subscription (with no other pay2win donation rewards) to access the majority of the premium content and keep us afloat.

I am currently looking for:
  • Staff to help with making custom textures for custom ingame items and texture packs
  • Staff to make images in photoshop for the server
  • Staff to help build and integrate already built structures for unrivaled castle cities for the spawns and fortresses for the PvP world
  • People who mature, calm and are looking to play and moderate on the server after we develop it, rather than running it

I am not looking for:
  • Immature, powerhungry kids
  • Staff who just have experience with ingame moderation/administration
  • Staff who have been mod/admin on many servers (as I said, that is not a bonus, it just shows I probably shouldn't trust you)
  • Staff who are in it for the powers
  • Staff who are looking to be an admin ingame (with powers over all plugins), as there is very little chance this will happen, though if you are very trustworthy, mature, motivated, and skilled, it might

On the off chance that there are any such people looking at this, we would love to have a plugin developer, sophisticated website developer, or someone to help bankroll the project as well.

If you are interested in working as part of an experienced, professional, and mature staff, please fill out the form below:

(You need not apply if you are under 15 years old or cannot talk on skype or mumble)
  • IGN:
  • Timezone:
  • Age:
  • Skills:
  • Examples:
  • Why you are interested:

I look forward to hearing from prospective helpers!
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Level 44 : Master Network
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02/10/2012 10:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Ill take this job
People who mature, calm and are looking to play and moderate on the server after we develop it, rather than running it
02/09/2012 11:05 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Warrior
Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Age: 16
Skills: Experience, knowledge, maturity, and responsibility. I have had a lot of experience with leading, and I also am a (progressing) java programmer. If you have plugin difficulties, just pm me.
Examples: well, I have no examples, but I can show you in game.
Why you are interested:
I am interested because I would love to see this server in real life. I have waited for a server like this, and I hope that you pick me. Thanks!
02/10/2012 10:18 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Artist
lol dude? your 3 months too late.
10/28/2011 4:55 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Dragon
IGN: daz2573
Timezone: england (london)
Age: 14 close to 15
Skills: building, skinning, administrating, moderating.
Examples: ive been admin on at least 6 servers at the most 16, been mod on at least 5 at the most 9 ive owned my own server/s (owned bout 4)(going to BUY one this time) and also ive co owned (and still co own 2) about 5 servers
Why you are interested: i am interested cos u need staff and cos i would love to build

Skype: dazzer56
add me and talk to me if you dont believe me and want to test me
also i got hamachi
if you want me to go on that just tell me

thx very much for reading
hope iget picked
10/28/2011 4:45 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Turtle
If you are interested in working as part of an experienced, professional, and mature staff, please fill out the form below:
(You need not apply if you are under 15 years old or cannot talk on skype or mumble)
Timezone: East USA
Age: 14 (:()
Skills:Building, Plugins, Getting Griefiers Punished, Finding Griefers.
Examples:Well I've set up alot of servers for my friends. I help people with plugins and add my own. And I go under cover to find griefer.
Why you are interested: Kinda bord right now, also I have a website and I want people to use it. I spent alot of work on it.
10/28/2011 4:48 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Turtle
Oh yah I have skype just cant call. Message me for it.
10/28/2011 4:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Skills:many and i used to own a server
Examples:i dont know how to add a IGM very sorry
Why you are interested: im interested becouse i like to help around and building
10/27/2011 8:13 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Artist
Ok im under 15 (13) and i didnt read it all, but do u want people to pay before joining your server? If u do then i dont want to join cuz people already paid for the game and why choose a server where u gotta pay when u can choose one where u dont need to... But anyway i would mabye join if its free but if i have to pay - No

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