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Minecraft Broken?

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created 07/22/2018 7:56 pm by Devannn_
last reply 07/22/2018 10:39 pm
Hello. Today, I decided to reset my whole laptop, deleting all my files. However, once I downloaded the things I wanted/needed, such as Minecraft, Java, etc, Minecraft wasn't working for me. I have spent hours looking up on the internet, searching resolutions for my broken Minecraft. All it was doing was freezing on the Mojang Screen. I've deleted it completely and re-installed it many, many times but nothing. Now, instead of it freezing on the Mojang Screen, it just crashes completely with this message:

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Unable to save download. cave3.oggName: cave3.ogg
Error details: Attempting to move successful download to C:/Users\Devan Kai Fahey\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\assets\objects\d4/d4b06ccb8e331ece734f51d84a0a5fbc7164d8be The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
Filename on disk: 562b-b3f0-f164-310a
Path: C:\Users\DEVANK~1\AppData\Local\Temp\562b-b3f0-f164-310a
Exists: file
If you can find a solution to this for me, that would make my day. I have been trying and trying but nothing seems to work. (No crash reports were made either). Hopefully I've explained everything.
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07/22/2018 10:39 pm
Level 29 Expert Taco
it says that its trying to move the new files it dowloaded into were it should go, but something else is using it. do you have like mcedit open or something like that that uses the files. if all else fails also try restarting your computer




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