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I need amazing architects to help with my server spawn!

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created 03/29/2013 10:14 pm by CrystalPanda
last reply 03/30/2013 2:14 am
Hello fellow Planet Minecrafters! I have recently re-setted my spawn and I would really like if some amazing architects come on my server to help out with my new spawn! The ip is: , also I have been planning on buying a domain for my server! By the way my server is quite laggy, but please ignore it and don't complain. These are tje requirements:
- Must be a amazing building at modern buildings.
- Optional but please be 13+ to help! (This is optional, don't worry! but I prefer 13+)
- Don't grief behind my back!!!
- Must be active and atleast come on for 4 hours to build
- Don't abuse your creative powers
- Work hard, be careful.

In return I will grant all architects when done with VIP Rank! I really need help with my server so it would be MUCH appreciated if you come on to help. If you don't have ALL the requirements like 1-2, then that's ok. But if more then 3 no you are not permitted to be helping with spawn. Thank you if you helped and read this forum. Every bit helps! Please try to add me on Skype, my username is Nicole Smith or bubbleeez.
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03/30/2013 2:14 am
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i am willing to help i am 13 i will be 14 this may. but your server is not working do you shut it down at night or something?

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