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Need help with hosting modded SkyBlock Adventures to play with friends

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created 04/20/2019 10:22 am by forbiddenLIVE
So me and my friends recently felt an interest in playing modded Minecraft together and I would host the server and set everything up using the FTB Launcher (Legacy Windows Installation) and installing the server pack for the mod, along with installing the mod pack itself. I have used ngrok to host the server and ran the FTBInstall and ServerStart along with making the change to the eula from false to true. I can play the server when I go on the multiplayer section of Minecraft and add the server ip I was given from ngrok after I entered my authenticator key and 'ngrok tcp 25565 -region eu' and played without issues but when my friend tries to type in the exact same server ip I inputted (the 'number') it doesn't work, even with my personal/public ip address. I also allowed it to pass through the firewall so it does not get blocked and cause issues. Please help! This is the tutorial I have watched to do this process -
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