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Need Help with Weird Error

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created 11/22/2017 7:05 pm by linguisticteacup
Recently my friends and I started a small modded minecraft server. We run the Inifinity Light modpack for 1.10 through the Twitch client.

Today while mining I noticed that when I broke blocks they did not go into my inventory but were simply destroyed. I haven't messed with any settings and I was using a normal pick. It seemed to happen out of the blue.

I had the HOA (our nickname for the server owner) reset the server a few times but it still happens. I also tried not using a tool and breaking dirt (no change), deleting the server and re-imputing it (nada), and restarting the game/twitch client.

I am the only person on the server with this issue and it is server specific. When I play the mods singleplayer I have no issues.

The server is not whitelisted and the HOA is fairly new at the server owning thing so he is clueless as well.

It's like I'm on creative....but I'm not. I still have to use tools to break blocks but they all destroy upon breaking.

Any insight would be amazing. I have googled this issue and it seems I am the only one. :/

Any ideas on what may be going on?
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