[1.12] Optifine not showing up in Forge

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Hi! Today I decided I wanted to download a texture pack to change the sky, but then I realized you needed to have optifine for it to work. No biggie, I already had forge for 1.12 so I went to the website and downloaded optifine, then dropped it into my mods folder. I went to log into minecraft, it loaded up just fine, but when I went to look at the list of mods, optifine wasn't there. I checked to make sure it was in the right folder and everything, which it was. Forge has worked in 1.11.2 with other mods just fine. I'm on Windows 10, and I can't execute any .jar files (Java doesn't work on here for some reason and I can't pay for software), so I have to use forge. If anyone has any solution, I've been searching all day for answers so I'm very desperate to get anything at this point. If you need any screenshots of anything I'm happy to provide, I just don't know what you guys need to find a solution. Thank you for any help!
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06/20/2017 12:24 pm
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You have to find the perfect Forge version for optifine here is how to do it!

First of go to : [url]optifine.net/downloads

Then : choose the version that you need and click on changelog

Then : You will see alots of coding things or what ever they called. All you have to do is find the version that your looking for. and you will see something called 'compatible with Forge #(some number)'
And you will see this

(this is just a example)

And keep that number in your mind

And visit

Forge website : http://files.minecraftforge.net/

And Then : Choose the version that you want and don't just click download. If you scroll down a teeny tiny bit you will see something called 'All versions'

And you have to find the version with that #Number we found earlier in optifine page
And you will see a exactly a version with that number

Same right?

And download that version! Walaaa! your done this should work ur optifine problmao

And Im sorry for my poor english and i hope you understand and i hope this helps!
06/20/2017 10:10 am
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"Necterious"You Don't Need Forge Mod Loader for it to work.
06/20/2017 10:07 am
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Optifine doesn't show up in the mods list in forge. its it's own thing that can be downloaded, just double click optifine and let it install and boom... you have optifine and can get shaders packs and more.

PTS - You Don't Need Forge Mod Loader for it to work...
06/23/2017 8:41 pm
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I can't run jar files on my computer, so I need forge for it to work ^-^

Thanks for all the help! I got it working with my shaders
06/19/2017 9:23 pm
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Yes I'm lagging quite a bit, bad internet where I live. I'll try that, thanks!

And I'll also see about the Java issue ^-^

EDIT: Ok! It now says Optifine in the bottom left corner and it seems to be working! Thanks!
06/19/2017 8:38 pm
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on the changelog page it says "- compatible with Forge #2331" so maybe try using that version of forge for 1.12?

also youve likely installed 7zip or winrar or some other thing that decided to default .jar to itself or .jar never decided to extension for java?

try this:
right click the .jar
hover over "open with" for afew seconds
if nothing appears beside the thing click
find java whereever its existing at
now should open as a thing...

extract im pretty sure is like copy and paste so just ctrl+x aka cut then paste to move instead saves storage by some stuff

but ye main issue is likely forge and what i think is the issue for java is above...

hopefully this helps

EDIT: it seems that if youre internet is lagging planetminecraft tends to double post your msg?




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