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Particle 1.13

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created 07/22/2018 2:39 am by ZombieMarsmi
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How to make particle trail in 1.13
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07/22/2018 11:53 am
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To make a particle trail, you need to use execute to make a player run a /particle command on a loop. For more diversity, you might reposition the particles in different places around the player.

This is the command you want to loop:
/execute as @e[tag=particle/color]<number>] at @s run particle <particle type> <x> <y> <z> <xd> <yd> <zd> <speed> <count> force

remember to increase the number with each new particle effect you add.

In case you don't know the /particle syntax
-The particle type is the name/values of the particle you're using
-x y z is one end of a cube the particles appear in. (use relative coordinates: ~ ~ ~) You usually want this at the player's feet. However, you can make a raincloud above the player's head by increasing the y coordinate to
-xd yd zd is how big that cube is. if you want the particles to just be a trail, use 0 0 0.
-speed is how fast the particles move. For a lasting trail, make it 0 (or close to 0). Leave it around 1 for an aura that follows the player.
-count is how many particles appear each tick. This should be somewhere from 1-5 with a low speed, maybe up to 10 with a speed of 1 (making an aura, not a trail)
-force makes sure people can see it, even from a distance.

To activate a particle effect with the press of a button, use "/tag add @p particle<number>"
To deactivate it, use the command "/tag add @p particle<number>"

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