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I really need someone good with group manager...

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created 04/30/2015 9:40 pm by superhoopla
last reply 05/03/2015 9:57 pm
If Anyone has the time or the patience to do this for a random kid please help out, I need staff ranks of my server with this:

Staff Ranks (in order of power)
Opped player, owner of the server,
Also an opped player, can easily be demoted for abuse but is an extremely responsible and trusted player.
Has all permissions except for creative.
Everything that a Head-Mod has except for /invsee, /kill, and /god.
Only has /fly, /kick, and /tempban.
Only has /fly, and /kick.

And a default member rank with breaking abilities and stuff. I'm really bad with this but I need it for my new server. Please, and thank you.
(If you could, post how I activate Factions so that they can do /f create)

Ty ty ty to whoever can help!!!

Also, I know how to do the prefix and suffix so please just leave that part out and I can customize from there. TYTY TY
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05/03/2015 9:57 pm
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You seem to have enough help here but I thought I'd leave this link here anyway. Its a list of all the permissions for GM, which may make it easier for you to add/remove thing in the future
05/01/2015 6:12 pm
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Also, I'm great with factions and Essentials. I could show you how to 1) Activate it, 2) Make it work properly, 3) Do a custom chat format, 4) Custom Factions permissions, and 5) Everything from groupmanager. I do this all for free, no cost or anything. I enjoy helping people on here. Like I said, add me on Skype! You can ask me questions any time!
05/01/2015 6:10 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Hey, add me on Skype at Unrealistic.Being. I'll try my best to help you out with this. I want you to add me on Skype because I know not everyone on here is active and may not read this again. And also, who wants their custom groups being exposed to everyone? xd
05/01/2015 7:00 am
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Well i can't exactly guarantee i can sit down and type out the whole script for you but i would be more then happy to do what i can. If you can't catch me on here feel free to message me at username: Josh.

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