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Hello everyone I could use some help as this world is important and has a lot of work into it already.

Single Player World with a few mods
Mod list:
World Edit, ISM, Multihotbar, FastLeafDecay, Optifine, JEI, Hywla, and Journeymap

I was working on the world the other day when my system crashed - not Minecraft system error and the whole thing went down. And here in is where the problem started. So I rebooted and fixed the issue which caused the system crash (easy part). However when I loaded Minecraft the world I was working on no longer showed in my worlds list.

Things I've tired so far:
- i checked and the world save is in my saves folder.
- Attempted to zip and unzip folder in an attempt to check and see if that fixed it.
- Have restarted Minecraft, though not a full uninstall reinstall as of yet(hoping to avoid this option)
- checked to be sure .data and .data.old are still in file, and they are
-attempted to transfer to alternate computer and open in another Minecraft account(account belonging to a friend), this did not work and the world still did not show.

At this point I have run out of ideas and know I am missing something simple. Please assist me with this as I really desire not to lose a ton of work.

Any other info needed I will provide and update here as well if it will assist me in getting the this issue fixed quickly and effectively.

Thank you in advance - Echo
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06/14/2017 3:26 pm
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Huh, hmm, create new world with the seed of the broken one, then copy region files from the broken world into created. Hope this will help.
In the future remember to do backup of your worlds regularly.
06/19/2017 12:14 pm
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Thank You, that worked wonderfully. And yes I will back up my world saves regularly. with this particular world save being backed up daily.
I'm grateful that you took the time to answer me, as I would not have thought of doing that. I had tried several ideas of my own but never thought of copying the regions files and using the world seed. In the end I only had a small piece of the world lost which was where I was working at the time of the crash. So I can handle that.
Anyways Thank you so very much.

Much respect given from myself to you.




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