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Strange...G-G-G-G-Ghostly sounds?!

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created 04/01/2018 4:38 am by Congueror
last reply 04/26/2018 12:38 pm
So am playing a modpack called Crainer Craft 2 in the ATLauncher and I have an underground base right? And one day I went in my ant farm and I was hearing weird ghostly whispering.I was so freaked out. When I checked my minimap to see if it was a weird mob I didn't see any mobs in the radar.I went to see if the whispering was coming from somewhere else but it didn't. I went on google and searched ''Strange whispering sounds in modded minecraft'' I did find something but I believe that's not the case cause that mob was called phantom and it's a biome o' plenty mob so...I couldn't find ANYTHING.Hopefully I find the braveness to go back into that world and investigate but for now I want you to share you knowledge with me about my case. Please I put so much effort t that world
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04/26/2018 12:38 pm
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If the sound creeps you out then you can always turn off mob sounds, and there might be a setting in biome o' plenty but I do not know for sure as I have never played that modpack.
04/25/2018 9:47 pm
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I have heard that it could be a sound feature like the old cave sounds!




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