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Towny Plot Permission Problems

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created 03/21/2018 6:47 pm by onelungx
Towny is Great to me for several reasons.(and a pain in the ass at times lol) one of the main reasons being how detailed and specific a Town Mayor(owner) can break down his land and set up specific permissions for specified player groups. you have the default settings for new town plots and a list of Plot Types you can set plots as each with different preset perms. and if im not mistaken you can specifically change each and every plots perms to whatever you like one at a time but can take some time. and also can do /town set perm to change all plots in town at one time. I have ran into an issue though i haven't had before and have tried all i can think of to correct it with out any luck what so ever.

I had a friend in the server that wanted to help build in my town even though she had a town of her own so i made her town allies with my own. then to hurry things a long i just did /town set perms ally on. instead of changing several plots one at a time. which set every plot in my town to allow allies to do as they please. bad thing is it also changed the perms for my farm plots and other preset plot types! and now i cant get rid of the towns ally changes, nor can i get farm plots to have their predesigned settings for residents. i have reset plots to nothing, done /town set perm reset. set new plots to farm. and none of these allowed that farm plot to have its proper perms. only the perms the town was set to now and again the town reset says they are all back to original but then it actually doesn't change a thing! Please help i know im probably making a silly mistake but im worried ill have to reinstall towny or restart my town or something drastic like that
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