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UNofficial server reviews!

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created 12/09/2011 3:06 am by The Doctor BW
I have gone around on MC servers and have found a few I would like to share! please consider:
Emeraldcraft: as the PMC page says: friendly staff, I was rather suprised to find that it was right! It is part creative and part survival, and the plugins make it marvelously easy to configure. be there a week, they give you a new rank: regular. Two months, you get veteran and the chance to /heal and /repair. needless to say, with the incredible mixture and collaboration of creativity and survival and friendly staff, this server gets an undisputed 10/10!
It's got talent: The confusing beginning and factions and pvp and such is disorienting, and the commands are unclear. True, everybody there is treated equally, but apparently the term 'equally' in this server means, "I kill your wolves and loot your chests!" I give it a much undeserved 6/10.
ComplexGaming: very confusing plugins once again and unhelpful staff. Unless anybody would kindly direct me to where all of the oter players are so I can beat the crap out of them and demand to know where the factions are, I'll give the server a 7/10, for at least having good builds.
Vertigo: I'll give it a few likes, their incredible new spawn and their Idea of factions, but just like the last one, not very helpful people. There is very little to talk about on this topic. 4/10.

Does anybody want to post a server to review?
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The Doctor BW
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