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created 09/28/2017 4:59 pm by Ezacu
last reply 09/29/2017 6:09 am
I have asked the dev of this plugin and I have yet to recieve a response. I am hoping someone on PMC can help me. Whenever players on my server vote the VoteRoulette plugin does not consider them voting at all. For example somone voted but when someone does /vr top no votes show up. Also no one hits milestones or recieves rewards for voting. Please help ASAP.
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Level 4 : Apprentice Mage

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2 replies

09/28/2017 10:06 pm
Level 20 : Expert Princess
1. is it set up properly?

2. is it running on the version it was built for?
09/29/2017 6:09 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Mage
1. I think it is setup properly, I reset all of the configs and made sure the plugin worked just by it self and still, votes were not tracked by the plugin.

2. Yes it is running on the latest stable version.

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