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What do you need to do increase 1.14 villager popularity?

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created 04/24/2019 3:51 pm by Trim
last reply 04/25/2019 10:25 am
What do you need to do increase 1.14 villager popularity?Do you need to do the last trade on the list or is any trade good?
How many popularity do you get for it?
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2 replies

04/24/2019 9:26 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Artist
the bar above the villager's trading menu is the experience bar. once it gets filled all the way up, the villager will move on to the next level (there are 5 levels) and unlock the next trades. as you hover over each trading option, an extension of the xp bar will be shown in grey, and that's how much the bar will go up (in blue) after you make the trade. all trades (no matter which level the villager is) will be varied in xp worth. it takes longer to level up the villager the higher the level he is.
(this is all taken from bedrock edition, i'm not sure if there're other factors involved in trading but this is what i've gathered from my experience so far)
04/25/2019 10:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Thank you for the reply but i actually meant the popularity which can decrease by hitting villagers and effects the price, but i don't now how to increase the popularity again to lower the prices

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