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Windows Server 2016 DNS record forwarding to IP and port?

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created 01/18/2019 9:19 pm by SlKlRlIlLlLEX
last reply 02/02/2019 9:22 pm

I have a Minecraft server hosted on Windows Server 2016, I also own a domain. I am able to connect to my server using my IP address, however I am unable to connect to my subdomain which has an A record and SRV record to point the domain to the IP and port as usual. As advertising is not allowed here, I am just going to replace my domain and IP with some placeholder information to make sure my records are appropriate.

SRV Record: _minecraft._tcp.m SRV 1h 10 5 25565

A Record: m A 1h

Given that it is hosted on a dedicated windows server, the process may be different than with using a standard webhost, however I'm not sure what steps (If any) I may be missing here. I do have the firewall ports opened, I just simply cannot connect to the server using that subdomain. If anyone could offer some insight on this it would be appreciated. Thank you.
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01/20/2019 4:21 pm
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theres a few things going through my head,
1. is it a local network machine due to the local network ip?
2. should only need to deal with A record to point to an ip due to not needing to do anything cos of default ports
3. why the hell are you trying to set a record to a local network ip, thats gona work about as well as glider made from lead

(direct to external ip - should work)
02/02/2019 9:22 pm
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Sorry for the late reply. No worries I got everything going, the problem was with some DNS registries, we were previously using Enjin which basically has their own DNS registrars and hijacks nameservers, I was looking to get away from them in the first place because I hated their modular system anyway (Just needed a quick webbuilding service to get off the ground running), so I switched domains and host providers, and am now self hosting with IIS on the server, given that the dedicated server and domains are hosted by the same provider, it was pretty simple from there to get my SRV records going, since Enjin wasn't working as some sort of intermediary. We previously basically had 3 services trying to prioritize communications with eachother, brought that down to 1, and it's much smoother now.

Thanks for the response, here's an emerald.

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