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TheLettuceMan started 06/06/2019 7:27 pm
and replied 06/29/2019 12:20 am
I am making a Data Pack/Resource Pack. The Custom Crafter is a dropper, with a armor stand wearing a custom modeled item. When the block is in the world, it looks like the block on the right. I intend to make it look like the block on the left. The left block has glass inside instead of a dropper (for testing reasons.) How can I make droppers have this property, while still keeping its functionality?

LEFT: What I want.
RIGHT: What I have.

Thank you!
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06/29/2019 12:20 am
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As of the time I had posted this question, I have found a answer:

I had used a dropper for my custom crafting device. Droppers are non-transparent blocks, and there is no way (That I know of) to change that without modding.

Chests, however, are not, and can be used as the custom crafting device. Placing a chest in place of the dropper (Or other block you use) also allows you more freedom for custom blocks that have uses.

In conclusion: Although slightly more confusing to work with, chests are a better option for all of your custom, functional block uses.
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