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Help with Pixel Assets for In Progress Animal Training Mod

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created 10/09/2019 10:34 pm by xaphiinia
I'm a professional developer and I decided to try my hand at mc modding. I have done a fair amount of work on an animal training mod for 1.7.10, but became stuck when I got to the point where I needed to start making art assets for my mod. It turns out that I am utterly incapable of pixel art. I've halted work because the mod depends on having some items at least and I don't want to dump a bunch of time into something that may never be.

However I would really like to complete this mod so I'm hoping to find someone to help create pixel art for it. I would be happy to do some programming or with even bug bashing (something I can do) if they have a project of their own, in exchange. Or add to my mod if it's interesting to them and they have ideas.

Mod Short Summary (for those interested):

Modded minecraft makes pets and animals pretty obsolete and my goal with this mod is to update animals so that they keep up with the tech tiers of other mods. With a progression itself so they aren't OP right off the bat. So number one is you can spend resources to get certain pets to re-spawn like you do when they die.

Animals have traits, which can be good or bad ( fast, hardy, lazy, hungry, ect... ) and they can be selectively bread for traits to get better animals.

Animals can be trained to do tricks (follow, attack, guard, herd, ect... )

Animals can wear armor (this lets you use all those crufty old armor pieces that you make when upgrading through other mod tech tiers)

Animals can be magically enhanced through rituals.

The theme is music, so teaching tricks to certain note sounds. I need art assets for treats for rewarding animals doing the correct tricks. I need art assets for instruments for making animals do tricks when traveling. I'd like a bag pixel art for an armor bag for applying a full set of armor to an animal (or just carrying around full sets of armor). I have a stretch goal of adding bosses and magical animals from breeding but I would very much need art assets for those too. Models might not be out of my range of capabilities... but probably is so if someone was interested in designing some boss art, I'd love it.

So if anyone is interested in helping for fun or for trade, or if anyone is just interested in more details (there are a LOT more details to the mod). Please reply. Thanks!
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