Mod Idea... Light Emitting Carpet recipe

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8/30/2018 5:02 pm
Light Emitting Carpet...

Mod... Carpet that emits light, Recipe = Wool + Glowstone.

Reason... I hate having to spam torches to light up everywhere, they look ugly as Hell.

With Carpets emitting light, you could have all the colours of normal carpets. Plus they could fit anywhere, without making things look bad.

Desert Base... Light it up with yellow carpet.

Forest Base... Light it up with green carpet.

Mesa Base... Light it up with all the colours of the rainbow.

Redwood forest Base... Light it up with Brown and Green carpet.

Need to spam torches to light up an area for a mob grinder, then carpets would be less noticeable and pretty easy to make.

Your paths would be a lot nicer at night, with the lights hidden in the paths, or grass, or dirt.

There would be a ton of uses for light emitting carpets... :)

Update... The mod has actually been made, by GiantNuker, called Glowing Blocks.


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08/28/2018 12:44 pm
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Easy! I can make that for you! Just give me a day or two. :D

Kinda bored anyway, needed something to do :P
08/01/2018 12:19 pm
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Yeah... that works. Look of puzzlement, scratches head. :/

Glowstone 100%
Jack o Lanterns 100%
Beds 100%

Stairs = lights up 1 block around it only
Slabs = lights up 1 block around it only

It's a good work-around, be nice to just have glowing carpets though. Imagine the Mansions being lit up without any pain, the whole carpeted floor being a torch.

I've seen people try to hide torches under carpets, funnily enough, in a converted Mansion.

I've seen them hide light sources under blocks of leaves.

Thanks for the input, I'm scratching my head why I didn't think of that... :)

What next, hiding wall light sources behind item frames... It works... Jeez...

I also just found out that I can put item frames on the ground and ceiling...
08/01/2018 1:30 pm
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I think Mojang as a suggestion place for people to post ideas for new updates, but let's be honest, I don't think they ever use anyone's ideas. :(
08/01/2018 6:54 pmhistory
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They do...

I reckon they look at mods...

My world I created with Igloo's in it, with beds, light and a door. They did the same a few years later, that is in the game. Coincidence... probably.

The aquatic update is a direct rip-off of the Shipwrecks mod, minus the diving suit. Also in a couple of my modded water worlds, made some time ago. Coincidence... less likely.

My modded worlds are on this site, that are aquatic based.

Krazymans deep ocean... you can just about see my igloo on screenshot 4.

Krazymans island survival...

Shipwrecks mod... ( can't post the link, it just gets deleted. )
Mojang used most of this mod...

I reckon Mojang looks at mods and worlds for ideas, as well as YouTube play-throughs.

I'm loving Minecraft version 1.13, its a lot of fun. But really needs the diving suit out the Shipwrecks mod, it adds a whole new dimension to underwater survival. I know from experience.

The Seaweed and Coral are from a couple of other mods, which I have been using for years in various play-throughs.

Biomes O Plenty... ( can't post the link, it just gets deleted. )
Mojang cut out all the Aquatic stuff and used it...

OceanCraft... ( can't post the link, it just gets deleted. )
This added aquatic plants, coral and animals, also quicksand ( I hated that ), scuba gear, wild people on the beaches, and all manner of stuff. It was pretty hardcore, no running around like an idiot. You'd die a lot if you did.

The only thing they didn't rip off is the new Drown, and Turtle Helmet, all the rest I have been using in mods and modpacks for years. Both my own and other peoples, I just wish they would have added Diving suits, as I want to explore the underwater caves, and the buckets have been nerfed. The Air you get off the new Turtle Helmet isn't enough for deep sea exploration.

My fully enchanted Diamond Helmet does more, minus the underwater view. My tweaked deep sea diving helmets gave you night vision underwater, in the above survival worlds. Something implemented into the Turtle Helmet, to a lesser degree.
07/31/2018 11:50 am
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Mod less solution! Put glowstone UNDER the carpet. Also works with sea lanterns and Jack o lanterns. And if I remember correctly, stairs, beds, and halfslabs, (please tell me if they work).

Thank me later. :)
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