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Mod ideas

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created 10/27/2019 1:17 am by Isenbonschmucnuk
last reply 11/15/2019 6:39 am
So I've been coding mods for myself ever since 1.7.10 and I've decided to make some public ones but have no idea what to make a mod about or with what features, I was wondering if the community had any ideas for stuff they want in the game?
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4 replies

11/15/2019 6:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
can you make a mod for the sport cricket with a bat ball wicket and possibly boundary. I have looked everywhere for one.
10/29/2019 2:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I've been thinking about making a server without any plugins but with command blocks. I made a lobby but I have an idea in The Test Zone. It's a map for redstone testing & command testing. But I also made it so that it can be useful for Server_Prompt's. This idea is specifically mine and i'm thinking about making a build battle map out of it. This might also help you with server's and I plan on making new code and setting up gamerules once the player spawns in the lobby. I set up a pressure plate on the spawn point for a trigger and I also set up trigger commands+gamerules to the map. I made as well as my own trigger commands using the objectives and I made a gui to the Map. This Test Zone will be a test for all minigames but I know about the difficulty of that and I prepared for it: I have done commands & im not afraid of using tutorials to help me.

I've been playing MineCraft for years ever since 2015 & now i'm going to try to make a map for a server without plugins. I know maps arent technically a server, but you can install the Vanilla map onto the server and I like new challenges. I know that there might be problems when you dont use plugins, but I really think it would be neat if I did my own code for once.
10/29/2019 1:01 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
I have an interesting idea for modification. I planned to do it myself, but with forge did not go and I went to the plugins. The idea is this: the Mod specializes in measuring the END. Just add the mobs and the bioms I think it is not interesting. So that will do whole system evolution this measure) After killings a dragon somewhere through 1,000 blocs cross generated 4 structures. Each of which must be activated(you can come up with a lot of things) and then the end will come to a new level. Will happen replacing just endstone on the other endstone conditional support 2 generation, will appear a new biom and 1 a new mob, perhaps if your forces? will change dragon on another more strong and monstrous with mind. There will be 5-7 such stages. For integration with Draconic Evolution it is possible to make that ore from there was generated on 4-5 stages. I even have a set of music suitable for end.If it is interesting I will think over in more detail. If written by illiterate please forgive me, I use a translator.
10/27/2019 1:21 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
I would absolutely love to see a mod that brings elytras to a new level! I.E infinite flight at the most expensive level

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