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EmperorDrag0n5/8/21 11:44 am
5/12/2021 2:22 am
Does anyone have an idea for a simple mod?? I need some ideas so please post your ideas below:)
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05/12/2021 2:22 am
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I have one I would really like to see happen. "cursed mirror". The mod would add Illusioner to raids. When killed they drop the 'Cursed Mirror' item when used it gives the player their own mob head block. I supposed Illusioner would also need miscellaneous loot such as emeralds, bows, arrows, the poison of inevitability and tipped arrows of blindness.
05/11/2021 4:37 pm
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a mod I've always wanted to work on is Alpha Mobs. not minecraft alpha version, but alpha mobs, like an alpha wolf of a pack. adding a chance for a ram to spawn in a herd of sheep, or a alpha male to spawn in a pack of wolves, or a bull to spawn in a group of cows. If the player comes along and attacks one of the normal animals, and there is a leader, the leader will act like an iron golem and defend the pack. If the leader is killed, something like a horn or a fang will drop(since rams have horns, wolves have fangs, bulls have horns, etc.) and all of these can be crafted into a necklace, which might allow you to tame one of these alpha mobs and get some special abilities when using them.
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