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SpartanSkeleton started 11/18/2012 10:22 pm
I could go as far as saying im the worlds worst modder, but that is why there is a giant community of people that are way better than me. I'm going to cut to the chase and say what mod I want to see made.

Mod name: Golden Mobs
-Adds golden versions of certan mobs
Golden Creeper
Golden Skeleton
Golden Enderman
Golden Spider
Golden Golem
Golden Chicken
Golden Pig
Golden Squid

G creeper: blows up like normal but turns all entities in its radius into golden nuggets
G Skeleton: can shoot arrows twice as fast
G Enderman: just like regular enderman but can survive in water and rain
G spider: can jump higher and move faster
G golem: made just like an iron golem but with gold blocks, moves faster
G chicken: bigger than normal chicken and drops golden ingots when killed, also lays golden eggs that restore full health
G pig: drops golden tools when killed
G squid: still drops ink saks but thats it

If you can make this mod please do so for me and i will be very happy, i will also try to have it reviewed by Sky because you know how much he likes gold related mods

*also try to add the spawn eggs for the mobs
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