Need help with a Datapack Creation!

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created 05/19/2019 4:37 am by Sir_Craftypants history
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I have an idea for a Texture/Datapack and I've searched high and low on the web but failed to find an already existing Datapack that does the same so I have a few questions.

1. As far as I'm aware Datapacks can be used on Servers. True or False?

2. Do you already know of an identical existing Datapack to my idea?

2. Is my Idea possible or impossible?

3. If True is there anyone who would like to help me create my idea?

My Idea

Enable Doors and Trapdoors to take on the textures of all Minecraft Blocks
Enable Doors to be placed horizontal like Trapdoors.
Enable it to work with any Resource and or Texture pack.
Create a few new Textures

Now I have absolute zero knowledge about creating such things but I'm willing to learn so wouldn't expect you to do all the work (I'm pretty good with Photoshop so can create the textures) but, if possible and anyone has the time free to collaborate and you're interested then that would be wicked.
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05/20/2019 2:15 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Modder
You need to have knowledge of creating a resource pack to do this as well.
Also to elaborate from Heroder's comment.

3. If you want the functionality of doors and trapdoors to remain but want to disguise it as another block (most likely for secret entrances), yes your idea can certainly be created.

Also for idea 3, as long as the resourcepack doesn't conflict with others, it will be fine.
05/20/2019 5:23 am
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Thanks for your answers guys, just need to find someone with the time willing to help make it happen.
05/21/2019 2:13 am
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You basically need all the block models and use the CustomModelData nbt.
Its easy, but tedious
05/19/2019 6:10 am
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1. Datapacks can be used on servers
2. No, I don't know any of these
3. Well, I am not expert at this one, maybe.
4. Maybe there is, but definitely not me

Your idea
First is possible
Second definitely no
Third must be
Fourth is possible

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