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Hi y'all! o/

So I, like many here, have an idea for a mod (not sure if datapack is enough), it includes a few new custom blocks, few new models ( a two block wide crafting table), some new items (new weapons), and a few animations... Yeah, I know I know not your beginners mod, but I'm willing to go slow and go one step at a time. And mostly I'm just interested in making a new workbench and a few weapons.

Table View1 , Table View 2 , weapons

I'm new to the community and have been reading a lot about java, APIs, modding, datapacks, resourcepacks and functions... and I think I'm a bit overwhelmed with it all. I have a few arts, textures and models made in third party programs (I wish everything was this easy =_____=)

Cutting it short, I need help understanding if it's possible to implement a new block without Forge, how do I add the block to the list of existing things, and (since I can't find out how to take a good look at the existing Classes) how to set up the blocks properties.

Any help, no matter how small is welcome and much appreciated,

Thank you for your time :)
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