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KiritoSanPlays started 09/26/2017 6:42 pm
Would be nice if someone familiar with the side mod could help me out here :/ so i have everything setup except the commands don't want to work for some reason

so i have both these commands

[quote]command:text:&2100 Tourney Points;cmd:/enjin addpoints {{player}} 100
command:text:;cmd:/msg {{player}} &l&4You received 100 Tournament Points congratulations[quote]

but it keeps saying this

26.09 15:27:57 [Server] Server thread/INFO Exception from /message
26.09 15:27:57 [Server] INFO The user {{player}} does not exist. Use "-" for the console.
26.09 15:27:57 [Server] INFO {{player}} &l&4You received 100 Tournament Points congratulations
26.09 15:27:57 [Server] INFO ^
26.09 15:27:57 [Server] INFO Usage: /message <to>|<to> <message…>
26.09 15:27:57 [Server] pool-2-thread-53/INFO Player is not linked to any valid user.

so what do i replace {{player}} with? acoirding to the wiki:

[code]Command:[text:<text>;]<cmd:<command>>[/code]: Executes a command, replacing all instances of [code]{{player}}[/code] with the rewarded player's name. The way to display this reward to players (from [code]/tournament rewards[/code] is set with the text option. This is an &-formatting line. E.g., [code]Command:text:&2Example reward;cmd:kill {{player}}[/code]
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