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2 versions of minecraft

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created 02/23/2019 10:28 am by IamaMom
last reply 02/24/2019 8:43 am
I downloaded the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft and had no idea there was also a java edition. From what I am reading it seems that my son will not be able to do mods on the Windows 10 version we have. Please tell me I am mistaken. He spent his own money on it and I feel bad that its not what he thought it was. Thanks!
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02/24/2019 8:43 am
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I would say you should download the java version of the game.
This one has an API called forge and thousands of mods ready to use!
There are also modpacks, and for easy installation you should use Twitch Launcher or the Technic Launcher!
02/23/2019 3:04 pm
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While there may not be mods per se on the Windows 10 version, there are things like Behavior packs which can be very close to mods sometimes, and have the benefit of being official. If you want mods on java you do have to do some tweaking to the game and I would have to say I don’t really recommend it unless you have a basic understanding of how to troubleshoot issues as these will arise. You will also have to use unofficial software(things like Minecraft Forge or Papercraft) to get mods in the game. Anyway, if you want a fully modded experience then Java Edition is by far the best, however you will have to use unofficial and potentially game breaking software that might need to be troubleshooted to get it to work. Ah I forgot to mention, the best Behavoir pack features are only available on the betas, and Mojang intends to drop support for the Java edition at some point in the future. Windows 10 Edition and the other Bedrock based versions will be the main focus of the game in the future so I would highly recommend having that version anyway as it will guarantee that you will be able to get the best features in the future.
02/23/2019 1:50 pm
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There are some mods for the windows edition of minecraft however they are quite complicated to install compared to the java edition (unless that has recently been updated), however for the current best version of the game (in my opinion) would be java edition as you can also head into older version to dig into even more mods, not to mention there is even the technic which includes thousands of mods/modspacks just from searching a title or a tag and clicking the install button.

I would suggest getting java edition for the mods and the windows 10 edition for the crossplay functionality.

I hope this helped solve your question, as for a reference to buy and download the java edition of the game you head to and select the Buy Minecraft with Java edition in the title

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02/23/2019 3:50 pm
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I got into Minecraft because of the demo on my Windows 10 computer. Now I own the Java edition, which I play on this Win10 computer. It sounds like you have the Bedrock edition:

You're probably fortunate, as Bedrock uses an easier system of modding, called Add-ons:

Modding in Java is a somewhat risky business. If he/you aren't comfortable downloading exe files and unzipping rar files, it would be an uphill climb. Hopefully Bedrock has AddOns with some of the same features your son was looking forward to.

There are LOTS of mods that are only for older versions (for example, Java 1.7.10) and kids who want to play newer versions (currently 1.13 is the latest) are simply unable to use the mods that haven't been updated for the newer versions.

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