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Ancient Rome Mod. Seen it or able to make it?

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created 12/25/2012 2:53 pm by Wolfcelt07
I really like Ancient Rome and Greece so I've been working on a small little project. So far just a Ludus (Roman Gladiator Academy) and want to expand out to make a small roman city...One small setback though in my opinion!

I dont have a mod for certain mobs, blocks, weapons, armor and such!

I have a texture pack already (I give credit to Ravand's Realistic 64x64 for that one)

But I need something special and I'm not a programmer nor really have time to delve into it really but what Im looking for is the following. From most to least important.
1.Re-skinned villagers that look like Romans(or just a new mob altogether) Peasants and Nobles
2.Guards-Roman looking equipped with Gladius's would be awesome.
3.Gladiators!!! Cant have a Ludus without them!
(Would honestly like them to be hostile with each other and other mobs but do no damage to each other but thats like crazy amounts of work I'm sure)
4. Lions-Tiger-Bears and etc...oh my. Ever seen Gladiator....fought big cats...enough said.
5 LASTLY!!! Weapons and Armor. Bronze and Iron armor from the era. Along with some sorrounding areas from the Gauls to the Tracians armor. Least some helmets from the time and Weapons...Bows already have but I need a trident(throwable?) A Spear(throwable?) Tower Shield(Melee?) Gladius a Great sword be bad we dont have dual wielding as of yet would be nice...

Anyways thats my list...I could think of other things like new torches or Braziers with flame or some new painting penants and yadda yadda bone ivory jade pearl bloodstone blocks and etc much stuff lol
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