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Animalcraft Mod

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created 08/12/2018 8:42 pm by mysticrystal
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This is a 1.7.10 mod that aims to bring some new creatures and animals to the simple world of minecraft. Not only does this mod add wonderful models and coloration of creatures, but it also adds danger and wonder as some animals are aggressive while some are passive or defensive (only attack when they feel threatened). Each biome will expand with the animals that reside there and even two new biomes that are in the works as well along with the animals that live there! Once this mod is completed then we will likely make different versions but for now it will only be 1.7.10. This is different from other animal addition mods as we aim to add the animals where they would be in real life. You will not find one animal in two different biomes. Each place you go you will have new animals to find. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or want to learn more about the mod, please visit our forum website for more information, contact the team, and more.


We have multiple animals that will be added to this mod. Below are a few animals that we are finished with and are ready to be seen by the public. For more of them, feel free to visit our forum website. The work is slow and we will only be releasing two creatures to each biome with the first stage of the mod. But don't fret as we have about 66 more creatures planned to come out with future updates. Once we get further with the creatures, we will be able to come up with a release date but for now, here is what to expect from the original release of the mod that is soon to come. Many more animals will be added with each update as we have 90+ animals in the works.



Goats are passive creatures that generally spawn in the extreme hills. They are breedable with wheat and follow the player holding that item.



Otters are small passive creatures that tend to spawn and stay around rivers. They usually catch small fish and run away if they feel threatened.



Penguins are passive creatures that love the cold areas of the Icy Plains. They enjoy eating fish and will run away when harmed.



Minks are passive creatures that spawn in the Taiga and love to chow down on mice and squirrels.

Hell Hounds


Hell Hounds are aggressive creatures that spawn in the Nether so be careful or they will come looking to eat you. Don't be taken aback by their small size as their bite is a lot worse then their bark. They drop nightmare meat and demon bones on death.

~Items and More~

Now some animals will drop special meats and items as well! The items will drop from six different classes of creatures to be used in creating armor of various types. Each armor will give the person who wears the set an added effect depending on which armor is used. Not only that, but each of the six classes will also have a unique 3D weapon with its own ability when used. All items and foods will have their own special texture for uniqueness

Feline Claw with sharpness (texturing)
Reptile Mace with unbreaking (modeling)
Aquatic Trident with respiration and aquatic affinity
Ursine Hammer with knockback
Avian Bow with infinity
Nightmare Scythe with Fire

Feline Armor of Speed and Night-vision
Reptile Armor of Resistance
Aquatic Armor of Water Breathing and Night-vision
Ursine Armor of Strength
Avian Armor of Feather Fall
Nightmare Armor of Fire Resistance

Fish Filet
Nightmare Meat
Reptile Scales
Fish Fins
Bear Pelts
Avian Feathers
Demon Bones
Feline Claws
Reptile Skull
Fish Teeth
Ursine Claws
Avian Bones
Demon teeth


Any and all ideas are also welcome though again, please be considerate of the length of time it takes to make each creature. We are also now partnering up with other mods to spread the word about this mod as well as help others grow as well. By partnering with us, we will put a link to your mod on our thread and you put a link to our mod on your thread. We are no longer looking for people to join the team as all of our spots have been filled. Thank you

Original Mod Designers: Mysticrystal & Mad_dominatore

Head Model Designer: HorrorG_amer

Model Designers: JimBoJames, Mysticrystal, HighNoonCarno

Head Texture Designer: Mysticrystal

Texture Designers: JimBoJames, HorrorG_amer, Mad_dominatore, MajhorG1

Head Coder: FieryBurningMarshmallows

Coders: arisalanna

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08/15/2018 4:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Due to unfortunate circumstances we are now looking for a 3D weapons modeler to join the modding team. If you are interested feel free to message me on our website or on discord: Roslyn#7494




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