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Hi, I am a Minecraft modder looking for ideas for a forge mod. I'm good with java. If there is this one feature or thing that you really have been wanting for a long time feel free to jot it down below. The description can be as detailed as you like (id really prefer it to be detailed). You can send sketches or whatever you like (i'm interested to see what people will come up with). Another thing - there is no cache - I do it all for free. Why? Because I was once like some of you - had a lot of ideas for what I wanted Minecraft to have - then once I learned how to - I lost motivation. I don't have any mods posted on PMC but I will post the ones I make starting now. I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. You people at PMC are such a creative community.
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10/18/2017 8:46 am
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How well can you mod? It would be amazing if someone could create a story based rpg mod with Tons of Armor, Weapons, Mobs and Bosses for 1.7.10 since that is the version with the best mods and the most updated mods. Also 1.10+ mods are laggy which is honestly why 1.7.10 works best.

By story I mean when you spawn, you spawn in a walled village or a castle or some sort of structure with a lot of npcs. You have a little bar that tells you how well you are known in the village by doing quests. When the bar gets high enough it triggers an event?

Based off of:
Tale of Kingdoms

If you have watched Tale of Kingdoms youll know what I mean by a story because after you make a village in it, other dimensional creatures come to try and kill you and they destroy the village and you have to go and kill the evil king or something like that.




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