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Best FPS with Heavily Modded Game

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created 03/22/2016 2:40 am by mrneezee
last reply 03/28/2016 7:12 pm
Right now I am building my first gaming computer, I have a really high budget. I'm not here to ask for suggestions for parts, I have already purchased the majority of my parts. currently I have the I5-6600K, a GTX 980, and a Samsung Pro 950 512GB. I understand that these items are the specs for a gaming computer for games like fallout 4 or cod, but I also enjoy modded Minecraft, but I've always been restricted due to my laptops i3-2370m duel core. I know that Minecraft will run better, but how much better is my question that I am too impatient to wait to figure out. thanks - mrneezee
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03/22/2016 12:34 pm
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Silvania Studios
It varies hugely depending on what mods you use. If you just get a load of basic mods that add new blocks but no real features then you can run hundreds of them with little to no impact. But if you get something with really high res models/textures like MCHeli, or loads of complex mechanics and machines like GregTech, then it will start to impact you a lot more.

Single player suffers more because it has both FPS (the frames, how fast it refreshes) and also TPS (Ticks per second). TPS is running calculations on blocktypes called Tile Entities, as well as normal entities and various other mechanics - so if you make a lot of machines then the TPS starts to suffer.
TPS is always handled on the server-side, but in single player you're on both the client and the server. A bad TPS will start to impact your FPS as your computer struggles to keep up - so generally, you get a better FPS on a good quality server than you do in single player.

TPS should always be 20 - it never goes higher. In modded minecraft you can see it if you have cheats/op by using /forge tps.
03/22/2016 11:14 am
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It will run much better I am running an i5 with the gtx 950 and it is fast! that is all that is needed.
03/22/2016 11:04 am
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if you dont have optifine then try using that, they allow minecraft to use 2 cores not only 1
03/26/2016 5:24 am
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There are probably 0 more games that use 1 core at a time, the entire time.
03/28/2016 7:12 pm
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Silvania Studios
A LOT of games aren't threaded, and Minecraft is one of them. Mods like Spigot add threading to the server (letting it use multiple cores), but client-side is still single core. Optifine fixed that for single player where it's more of an issue (as world and client are both handled on the SAME core - as opposed to a server where a different machine handles world)

Optifines multicore settings have no effect on server, in fact it's said some can actually LOWER FPS by trying. you should tweak Optifine specifically for single or multiplayer and use different instances for the best FPS in both

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