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Blue Vanilla 2.4 has Herobrine!

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created 12/28/2013 3:58 pm by dantesdad
I'm project lead for the Blue Vanilla mod and we have just released version 2.4. "BV" adds new structures into the wilderness of your game, much like Ruins but we have hundreds of structures across a wide variety of biomes. We also have custom mobs and I'm very pleased to be able to say that version 2.4 has a new way to get to the End. Blue Vanilla is all about exploration and now in addition to being able to find a stronghold, you can also battle Herobrine to get to the End dimension!

The only trick is that the Herobrine battle will be very destructive to the local terrain. Fortunately, you cannot encounter him until you've traveled at least 10,000 blocks from 0,0. Blue Vanilla is about travelling and exploring ruins, dungeons, castles, towers, graveyards, ships, and much more, so your journey should give you ample opportunity to see what the mod has to offer. That is, if you aren't killed first by a ninja, stoneman, treeper, red spider, or any of the many other custom mobs we've created.

So yeah - I'm thrilled to see there is an interest in Herobrine on these forums. Consider yourself invited to come try "BV" and see if you can find and defeat him!
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