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Blue Vanilla Mod needs artists & architects

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created 12/28/2013 4:25 pm by dantesdad
last reply 12/28/2013 8:44 pm
I'm project lead on the Blue Vanilla mod and in the past year we have taken our xml/txt interpreter mod and used it to set up hundreds of structures and dozens of custom mobs that can be found in the wilderness of your game if you play with the "BV" mod installed.

I created most of the structures and custom mob skins and recently I discovered the amazing wealth of schematics and skin artists here at You guys are amazing and many of you put my best work to shame.

Our 2013 assets placed structures on the surface of your world or in locations where they can be found fairly easily by travelers. In 2014 we are starting on a new standalone assets folder for the BV mod. This coming year we are going to assemble builders and skin artists to create large (128 x 128 x 32) dungeons for players to find if they go caving or mining in a world with "BVD" (Blue Vanilla Dungeons) set up as the Blue Vanilla assets URL.

To build these dungeons we'll be looking for talented schematic creators to download and work with our templates. The more dungeons we have built, the more densely we can have them generate and the more variety players will have to explerience when they play. Each dungeon will be set up with a custom mob to inhabit it, so we will be looking for talented skin artists to either wrap existing player skins around zombie models, or work with other mob models (enderman, skeleton, spider, etc...) to create deadly new creatures to inhabit these dungeons.

Imagine looking out across a Minecraft world and knowing that just under the surface is more adventure than you could ever hope to find in Vanilla minecraft.

Now imagine that YOUR dungeon and YOUR new mob are waiting for some player to dig down and find and explore!

With Blue Vanilla, your schematics and skins don't have to just live here on a website. They can become part of a world for players that have the "BV" engine installed.

Blue Vanilla can be "pointed at" different URLs where assets folders are stored. While we have our 2013 default assets, and will be working on the Dungeons project in 2014, we would love to see other talented schematic and skin artists jump in and set up their own assets where their creations can be found and explored. There could be a "PMC Assets" if you guys wanted to leverage BV as a way to get players to fully experience the stuff you've built!

If you're at all intrigued by this project, please comment or contact me if you have any questions. I think it's just perfect for PMC and I hope some of you might check it out and maybe even get involved....
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12/28/2013 8:44 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Modder
Thanks for the support Above - if you vid we'd love to see you LP blue vanilla. We honor our LP'ers by buildling castles in their honor and adding them to the default assets! We could build a Castle Aboveordinary
12/28/2013 4:30 pm
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I really do like this mod. sadly, I am neither

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