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Can someone make a tiny blocks mod?

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created 01/20/2018 3:48 pm by Moonlit_Phoenix
last reply 01/21/2018 6:27 pm
Looking for someone to make a small mod called 'Tiny Blocks'

Some may remember the 'Little Blocks Mod' for version 1.7.10 and I would love to see a new updated version of the mod but with a few changes.

Like Little Blocks, you can create a wand however, it can be made in a crafting table by placing 1 diamond placed center top with 2 sticks horizontally underneath. When right clicking a regular block it convert it's into singular blocks. The sizing would be 64 x 64 small blocks = a regular block. This allows you to place small blocks onto the regular block that you have just converted.

To become small or to make an mob become small, simply throw a potion of potion of miniaturising onto a player or mob to make them become small. The sizing would be to match the small block (e.g a player would be 2 small blocks tall as a regular player is 2 normal blocks tall). The potion will never run out so you will stay small until you use the revers potion.
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01/20/2018 5:18 pm
Level 17 Journeyman Botanist
Sadly no one can or will make an updated version of that mod as the creator will not give permission to people to do so and the creator won't because he only intended it to be a 1.7.10 mod so try the "Chisel and Bits" mod it's pretty much the same and you can place pixel by pixel and break pixel by pixel off of blocks in minecraft and it has multiple mod supported blocks aswell
01/20/2018 5:30 pm
Level 4 Apprentice Modder
Well can you blame the mod maker? 1.7.10 is the superior version of mods!
01/21/2018 6:27 pm
Level 17 Journeyman Botanist
Ik I loved 1.7.10 thats when most of the best ever mods were made but now everyone rarely ever plays it and complains for it to be updated so yeah (no offense)




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