How to make a block flammable in MCreator? (MC 1.12.2)

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So I've manage to make a "dead leaves" block with MCreator, exported it to a .jar, and successfully loaded it into Minecraft with Forge.

I can place the block and build with it, but I need it to be flammable and... it isn't.

I've been trying to search for help, but Google is basically useless as usual. I got the impression that MCreator had an "is flammable" setting at some point, but it no longer exists or is hidden very well now.

I've been trying to learn Java, but I've not made much progress and looking at the code for the block in MCreator just makes my eyes glaze over and my brain try to shut down. :(

Is there something I'm missing? I thought the whole point of MCreator was being able to make mods without having to be able to code.

Is there another, more user-friendly/intuitive GUI-based mod building software I could try?

Alternatively, is there already a mod that adds new leaf blocks, particularly dead/brown/Autumn leaves?
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05/15/2018 6:37 pm
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I haven't used MCreator in ages, but I remember the old setting at some point. Maybe look for some kind of property when making it that could relate? If it isn't there, or in the events area, I'd suggest posting on the Pylo/MCreator forums. They got good enough support over there.




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