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Idea for Innovative Movement Mod

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created 02/06/2019 3:25 pm by maliz

Hello, I have been searching the internet for a specific mod but could not find anything.The mod consists in preventing you from pressing two opposite directions.

You know when you hold A and D at the same time, the movement to the left and to the right cancel each other out, resulting in you standing still.

I'd like it to work differently, so that when I hold multiple keys at the same time, only the last input is taken in to consideration.Of course if you are pressing two keys, when you let go of one, it will have to take the input from the other key that is still pressed down.

This idea originally comes from Team Fortress 2 where many competitive players use such scripts to edge out their opponents.There we call it a "Null movement script" Here is a link to it

I would like to precise that I have no experience in making Minecraft scripts, but if someone could make it, it would be awesome for everyone.
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