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Hello, I'm sgtforge200, obviously,
Anyways I'm making a modpack with some major modpacks such as Ic2, and mekanism, the problem is my intellegence level and getting a modpack to work. I've used the sources of information such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er1_JIxr650 but it still ain't work. This modpack I intend to use incorporates over 100+ mods and I KNOW is work because I've played on it before and it exists on the Technic Launcher as of now. What I plan to do is take it filter mods I don't want out and add ones I do. I've done that. Next problem getting it on Technic to work. I've add the mod McHeli to the list but I don't know how it will collaborate with the other mods or if it will even work. I would like to work with anyone who is willing. I would prefer to work via skype or pmc private messages.
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