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created 10/22/2017 1:32 am by ibalistisquidi
They should add a mod about fairys There are fairy mobs and so on but in this mod idea you can be the fairy in this mod You get wings and you also get to choose what kind of wings big small medium and also the shape and Colour and also patterns if You'd like, You can start of as maybe an Apresntice fairy and grow to be a strong fairy, you need to create your wand and customize it if you can, spells could come with the wand but you need to learn spells to use them, Also you can have an option were you can be a Kid, teenager or Adult, when you have wings to fly you would need to use fairy dust, There could be a few new mobs, they could add the original pixies and fairys from the old mods, also add new villager like fairys that have wings, maybe when you do a certain action your wings will be hidden away from the world, a hostile mob that could be added can be a fairy hunter. Villager Fairys can sell items like fairy dust, Some Fairys can be powerfull enough to use hand magic, when starting the game you can choose to be a human or a fairy if your a human you can find a way to become a fairy if your a fairy you can loose your powers, there can be dark fairys who you can combat with, if you play in multiplayer you can duel with spells from the wand and form hand magic, if in a multiplayer world other fairys can use a spell to take away your powers this will take your powers away and give the other fairy more strengh and level, gaining spells improves your level and magical abilitys, when you fly there can be an animation while going Upwards fowards and side to side, the stronger your wings the faster you fly, this mod will go good in multiplayer since you can do many more things with online people.

Someone please try to make this mod if i think of more things to add il post thanks

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