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[WIP][TS3] MinecraftAdvancedVoicechatSystem (MAVS)

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created 02/20/2013 8:13 am by X39
Hey everyone
Im X39 and i wanted to present you my latest modding project for minecraft!
ATM there is not much to present BUT an idea :

Minecraft-Advanced-Voicechat-System or just easy MAVS will be a mod for minecraft AND a plugin for teamspeak3!
The main idea behind is that you can talk with peoples in minecraft like in real

if they are far away from you you wont hear them
if they are to the right you will hear them from the right
(in this case "they" means other players)
it will try to "simulate" a realistic voice chat system

so tell me
what you think about?

and (maybe more interesting) would you use it? (because EVERY player who wants to use it needs to be on a server where EVERY player has the MAVS mod + TS3 plugin enabled)

just before im wasting my time in creating this ^^

kind regards,
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