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Mod Idea (need help coding)

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created 05/16/2019 12:39 am by MineIdeas
If you want to work on something and you don't have the ideas I will help! So this mod would expand minecraft:
-More branches in the game, not just mine, craft or build!
-More trees and grass types
-Mobs that make since (maybe even improve polar bears!)

Here is a tiny bit of info for only one mob in the mod:
How to find them: In lakes near warmer areas like in their natural habitat in real life.

Health and drops: They can regenerate and they have the common drop of cod and uncommon chance for Axolotl Gills and they have 4 health in easy, 6 in normal and 8 in hard.

How to use Axolotl Gills: They can make regeneration potions with a water breathing affect (?)

How to breed them: use raw fish

How to tame them: use tropical fish

How to move them around: Water Bucket

Uncommon- UC, Common- C, Rare- R

Tamed: Leucistic (C), White (C), Gold (C), Melanoid (UC), Copper (UC), Piebald (R), Mosaic (R), Silver Dalmation (R), Enigma (R)

Wild: Varients of the wild look all common and may have different spotting and slight color change (C)

Spawned in only: Glow In The Dark (R), FireFly (R)
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