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My Mod Idea, Youtube Quest!

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created 07/25/2013 6:42 pm by Phantom1214
last reply 07/26/2013 7:19 pm

Hello! Phantom1214 here with an epic idea, Youtube Quest. You can obviously point out what I'm going to do in this post because of the totally cliche post name .
Well here is my idea (Warning: From here on will contain references to Youtube channels that mostly contain funny things and gaming videos, if I get a reference wrong about said Youtube channels, please correct me and give me the correct saying of the reference, another note, contains budder :3.)

The Rundown

Well, basically it's one of those mod that you go around and gather things to go into different dimensions. Don't you dare say "Hey, this is a DivineRPG ripoff, IT SUCKS!" because it is going to have more features. I know some may be similar to DivineRPG, but I wanted something that would send you on a great adventure. Back to the chase, it will be one of those mods. But, it will also have lot of natural spawning bosses. It will also be chock full of player spawned bosses too. There will be at least 5 new and original dimensions. Viveon, Trolite, Caos, The Central, and Oblivion. There will also be a TON of new, naturally spawned blocks and items. This is the basic rundown of what the mod would be adding to the already awesome game, Minecraft. Now, I'll give you a list of the new ores and bosses (And Their References) that will be added to MC.

The Additions

Tier 16: Unknown (Not The Pokemon) Entity.1 + Entity.2 Boss Drops
Tier 15: Herobrine (Urban Legend) (End Boss) Slenderman Drop
Tier 14: Bronite (PewDiePie, The Bro / Grunt) (Nether Boss) Bro Drop
Tier 13: Slimesoul (CaptainSparklez, Jerry the Slime) JungleStegosaurus Boss Drop
Tier 12: Squidstone (SkyDoesMinecraft,IHATESQUIDS) Squid King Boss Drop
Tier 11: Grumpon (Egoraptor / Jontron, GameGrumps) Creeper King Boss Drop
Tier 10: Notch (Minecraft, Creator Of Minecraft) The Central
Tier 9: Smoshinum (Smosh) Caos
Tier 8: Pewduniam (PewDiePie) Trolite
Tier 7: Youtubos (Youtube's Youtube Channel ... YOUCEPTION) Trolite
Tier 6: Tobum (TobyGames, Tobuscus, TobyTurner) Trolite
Tier 5: Sparkite (CaptainSparklez) Viveon
Tier 4: Budder (Gold, SkyDoesMinecraft) Viveon
Tier 3: Egon (Egoraptor) Viveon
Tier 2: Quakestone (ihascupquake) Overworld
Tier 1: Tronstone (JonTron) Overworld
These are all the tiers of tools, armors, weapons, and ores the Youtube Quest mod will implement.

The Struggle

I do have all these epic ideas, but I do need a little help. All I need is for someone to help me on how to use MCreator and what some of the things mean. It would also be nice if someone could make the skins for the mob models and the item sprites. Well, there you have it. If you have any correction for me or some tips on how to use MCreator, please post it here down below . Btw, if you still say this is a ripoff of DivineRPG, please leave this thread and go spend your time on something you would do other than criticizing someone, I know you were still thinking about it
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07/26/2013 7:19 pm
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Update Page

Update #1 7/26/2013 : The Quakestone item set is complete. Working on the Tronstone items. However, I do need help on mob model skins. I basically need a light blue humaniod skin of a Triclops (Three Eyed Cyclops), a fairy (blue), and a large fairy (cyan).

Update #2 7/26/2013 : Quake and Tron stone items are complete, still need 3 mob skins.

Update #3 7/27/2013 : Starting creation on Viveon. Budder, Sparkite, and Egon Ore blocks have been made. Digi blocks have been made.

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