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Modding Post Guidelines

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created 10/05/2012 4:36 pm by PMC
1) Make the title show what your thread is about clearly. If your thread is a tutorial about something in particular, make sure that the title clearly shows what is going to be taught.

2) Don't ask "How to mod". There will be plenty of threads which are tutorials on how to mod. These will be your best bet in learning to mod, so look around and read a few. Modding isn't something that can be covered in a simple response.

3) If you are writing a tutorial, try make it a new tutorial. People love new information. See if there is already a tutorial for what you are trying to explain. There is no point re-explaining what somebody else has. Bring something new to the category.

4) If you need help with something, state clearly in the title what you need. There is no point in just randomly asking for help. Just give a brief summary in the title, then explain properly in the actual post. E.g. "[Help] Block not rendering correctly". Similar to #3, check if there are any other threads that are about the problem you're having. There is no point waiting for a response, when the answer could already be there.

5) If you are having problems with your code, make sure to post a full error report, AND your modified snippets of code. If we cannot see the source of the problem, we cannot solve the problem.

6) When creating a post for a mod, include the version of Minecraft which it is KNOWN TO WORK ON in the title. I have seen mods which are assumed to work on Minecraft version: X simply because people didn't get errors on re-compilation. This doesn't mean your mod works, which leads me on to #7...

7) Make sure your mod works! Don't post a mod because it compiled with no errors. Thoroughly test your mod before posting it.

8) Don't post uber simple mods. Things like "Dirt --> Diamonds" and "New Recipes" will be deleted, along with "Harder Stone" and other mods which only change a few values. Be unique.

9) Be sure to include screenshots and videos in your post. Seeing is believing, and if you have lots of beautiful snapshots of your added contraptions, people will be a lot more enthusiastic in downloading your mod.

10) Do not repost other people's mods. If you have their permission, include it in a spoiler at the end of the post. If the mod is found to be stolen, and no proof of permission is found, it will be deleted.
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