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Monster Hunter World Recruiting Modellers !!

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created 01/18/2018 1:56 am by Heltrato
I'm Heltrato, the founder of the Monster Hunter Mod in Minecraft. I'm searching for some who are making the textures and models for the mod.

I also have knowledge in modelling and texturing since im an artist apprentice but I want more details and ideas that you guys can help me.

If you haven't seen the mod before this is our mod thread.

Here is a 1.11.2 Spotlight for the mod

The mod currently features:

- Animated & well AI monsters

- 3D Modelled Weapon Class Systems (Hunting Horns with Song buffs, Longsword with Spirit Gauge, Greatsword with power blocking, Hammer with stunning critical, and bow with no arrow requirment and coating ) plus they have elemenal attributes and effects

- 3D Modelled Armor System (Unique Damage System for the armors, Elemental Resistances, and Armor Skill tree eg. Fencing, Fast Eating etc. )

- Open world Quest ( Up to 1 billion block volume of quest area created for Players to spend time explore a tremendous world, plus weather effects, and render alters )

- Unique Crafting System which is similar to the Monster Hunter Series itself

So if you are interested please just fill up the form below and u can comment or private message me with the form:

Task: <Texturer><Modeller>
How many hours can you work on projects per day/week?:


Do you play Monster Hunter series at the moment? (If yes state the game console ):

How are well knowledge are you in Monster Hunter:
What at least do you expect to add in the Mod: (You can cite as many as you can )

Cite your social usernames : (Discord / Skype etc.)
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