[Mod-Pack] Moon Quest (Yogscast Inspired) (Server Files)

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NOTE: I am not the original creator of this mod pack, these are copy and pastes from sources that are linked at the bottom. If the original creator of the modpack would like me to take it down, then I shall do so. I am only doing this since ALOT of people have been wanting to make their own server. And TBH, I don't blame them, its an amazing modpack and I'm suprised the Yogscast didn't release it.


MoonQuest is a mod-pack developed by the Yogscast that is full of mods chosen by both Lewis and Ridgedog, mods such as Galacticraft and the Shaders mod. The goal of this series is to travel to the moon using the Galacticraft mod.

Though to travel to the moon is the main goal, there is much more to do, such as discover LOADS more new exotic biomes! Or create a huge flying air bloon or air ship. Or perhaps build up a large collection of hats that you can find on mobs!

Main Features:

Able to go to the moon
Dynamic Lighting(Hold torch in hand, still lights area)
Loads of new biomes

Download: http://www.atlauncher.com/download/


Not Enough Items
Damage Indicators
Biomes O Plenty
Soulshards Mod
Universal Electricity
ICBM sentry and gadgets (no explosives)
Resonant induction
Atomic Science
Dynamic Lights
Rotten Flesh to Leather
Ichun hats mod and hat stands
Cowboy hat mod
Chicken shed
Buildcraft Tools
Custom Recipies
Tinkerers Construct
Shaders Mod with shaders
Archemedes Ships
Tux Weapons
MrCrayFish Furniture Mod
Dimensional Anchor


Patch Notes
Biomes O Plenty to (always using latest build rather than recommended to try fix biome loading issues people suffer with the recommended version, use at own risk!)
Soul Shards to 2.0.13
micDoodle Core to
Galacticraft Planets to
Galacticraft to
Tinkers Construct to
Archimedes Ships to 1.4.5 (please be aware this is now MD5'd, if you get an error or it tells you to redownload it after you've already done it then you need to let me know so I can update the system!


Version 0.7

Version 0.7:

Rei's Minimap 3.4_01 (both Zan's Minimap and Rei's are now optional, you can only select one, make sure to select Zan's if you want to continue using it!)
Presence Footsteps - It's optional so you have to select it if you want it!

Biomes O Plenty to
Soul Shards 2 to 2.0.11
MicDoodle Core to
Galacticraft to
Galacticraft Planets to
ICBM-Sentry to
ICBM-Contraption to
Atomic Science to
Buildcraft to 4.1.2
Buildcraft Tools to 1.4-a8
Immibis Core to 57.1.4
Tubestuff to 57.0.2
Inv Tweaks back to 1.56-b77 (apparently works for 1.6.4 and the unofficial version is a bit dodgy)

Behind the Scenes:
Updated BiblioCraft link to be not so huge.
Updated Basic Components link


Version 0.6.2

Version 0.6.2:

Re-Introduced Basic Components, it seems that Galacticraft doesn't ship with it anymore (ver, fixes issues when crafting items from ICBM!


Version 0.6.1

Version 0.6.1:

Added a way of getting Tinker's Aluminium through Galacticraft. All you have to do is put it in your crafting grid and you get a 1 for 1 exchange!
Now you can actually get casts...sorry, derp on my part!


Version 0.6

Version 0.6:
Please be aware this has been updated to another version of Minecraft and MAY (not sure) have ID mismatches between older worlds (namely Soul Shards but this never worked in the first place). If it does it wont be much if any at all as it's essentially still the same configs, please back-up your worlds just in case!

Minecraft to Version 1.6.4!
Forge to 1.6.4-
Optifine to C6
Code Chicken Core to
Not Enough Items to
Biome O Plenty to (latest not recoemmended (still optional) )
Artifice to 1.1.3-195
Bibliocraft to 1.5.1
Soul Shards to 2b3 (Now working entirely different to the first version!!!)
Universal Electricity Core to
MicDoodle Core to
Galacticraft Planets to
Galacticraft to
ICBM Sentry to
ICBM Contraption to
Forge Multipart to
Resonant Induction to
Atomic Science to
Dynamic Lights to 1.6.4
Bsprks Core 4.3
Damage indicators to
Treecapitator to 1.6.4.r05
Forge NBTEdit to
Mystcraft to 1.6.4-
Buildcraft tools to 1.4-a-7
Custom Recipes to 45-5
TConstruct to 1.4.7d7
Tux Weapons to 0.5b
Mr Crayfish Furniture to 3.2
Immibis Core to 57.1.1
Tube Stuff to 57.0.1
Dimensional Anchors to 57.0.0
Rotten Flesh To Leather to 1.6.4 (and changed to a different version, no longer hardcore)

Zan's Minimap
Inventory Tweaks (Optional Client Side Enhancement)
Mouse Tweaks (Optional Client Side Enhancement)
NEI-Plugins (So people can stop badgering me about not being able to create bronze, Look in NEI!)
BiblioWoods - BoP Edition (so you can use that wood to make more prettier looking Biblio stuff!)

Link to Atomic Science Website
Rei's Minimap Exchanged for Zan's Minimap! (You will lose all waypoints so keep this in mind!!!)
Tinker's Construct Aluminium has had it's generation disabled to stop you from getting the useless aluminium. Please exchange all current Tinekr's Aluminium to the Blue ID Aluminium using NEI!


Version 0.5

Not Enough Items to
BiblioCraft to 1.5.0
Biomes O Plenty to
MicdoodleCore to
Galacticraft to
Galacticraft Planets to

Biomes O Plenty has now been made optional due to numerous crashes with biome generation! IF YOU HAVE THIS INSTALLED BEFORE THE UPDATE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT IT AGAIN ON UPDATE IN THE OPTIONAL MODS!!!!
Added CodeChickenLib in the pack, if the server download goes down again there's no problem!

Not so much a problem but i've had a report about steel not making pickaxes and such. This is true, an update was made to the mod so instead of steel ingots it now requires steel plates!
The issue with Copper, Aluminium and Tin not smelting in the Smeltery has now been fixed!

If you need help then please visit:

Or for more information:

For the Yogscast series:

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